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Summer 1976


The women's studies offerings on college campuses in the Chicago area seem, at first glance, disappointing. the University of Chicago has no courses in this field; neither Northwestern University nor the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle allows an undergraduate major. But despite such inauspicious indications of a general lack of commitment to women's studies in the Second City, there are still a number of more or less established programs available. For example, both Chicago Circle and Northwestern, although they give no degree in women's studies, do staff courses that would almost allow one. At Circle, approximately 80 women each quarter take an interdisciplinary core course such as American Women Today, Women in History, Literature, and Art; or Women in Other Cultures and the Future. These courses (one is given each quarter) are taught collectively and often utilize guest lecturers. Chicago Circle also offers, in various departments, a number of other courses which focus on women. Thus, through the Student Designed Curriculum option, an individual can put together a program which emphasizes women's studies. Inquiries may be addressed to Sandra Bartky of the Philosophy Department.



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