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Fall 1978


Dear Women's Studies Newsletter:

We read the Summer issue (Vol. VI, No. 3) with real interest and enthusiasm, gleaning vital information about NWSA events and organizational meetings and enjoying the longer articles and reports, especially Hester Eisenstein's piece on the Barnard Women's Studies Program.

We are writing out of deep concern, however, that the pages of the Women's Studies Newsletter—and other feminist news sources—not be limited to the retelling of our success in feminist areas, and in women's studies in particular. It has become clear to us, as it is to all of you, that Women's Studies Programs, although growing in number, are far from receiving even the semblance of a fair share of the institutional resources in most colleges and universities. It is also apparent that the women's studies area, even when funded, has not been a haven of agreement and support. We wonder, therefore, if the continued reluctance to share, in print, the real difficulties of women's studies administration, teaching, grant-getting, etc., is really to our advantage.



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