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Spring 1978


Despite hazards both external and internal, the Women's Studies Program at San Diego State University (SDSU) has now survived eight years, has been strengthened in the process, and has moved in new directions. Designated a "program" in 1970, it is in fact a functioning "department," thanks to two successive supportive deans.

Funded initially by the SDSU Foundation in a period of militant feminism, in 1974 Women's Studies was assimilated into the administrative structure of the College of Arts and Letters. In the California State University system, funding for academic programs is determined almost exclusively by student enrollment. Departmental status for women's studies, therefore, means that the resources generated by strong student interest are available for building the Women's Studies "Department." With a faculty allocation at present of 6.8 positions (plus .6 for administration), approximately 1000 students enrolled each semester (in Spring 197 8, 1100), one full-time secretary, two half-time student assistants, eight offices, supplies and services expenses over $2000, and the usual departmental share in audiovisual and library purchases and services, the women's studies annual budget approaches $150,000.



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