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Spring 1978


The second Institute in Women's History for Secondary School Teachers, sponsored by the American Historical Association, will be held at Stanford University from June 25 to July 15, 1978, under the general direction of Amy Swerdlow, formerly of Sarah Lawrence College, now at Rutgers University. The Stanford Institute will be geared to helping secondary school teachers integrate women into the teaching of western civilization and world history.

Specific goals of the Institute include the following:

1. To acquaint high school teachers with the recent scholarship in women's history;

2. To introduce them to new theories and techniques useful for the interpretation of women's history;

3. To improve their skills in finding and creating sources for the teaching of history - in preparing audiovisual materials, conducting oral history interviews, using major written document collections;

4. To apply newly acquired insights and information directly to the revision of instructional materials used in high schools.



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