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Winter 1978


Just a year ago the Women's Studies Newsletter announced the founding of the National Women's Studies Association. The network of a women's studies movement, often visible to its diverse participants only in the forum provided by this journal, had established an organization to support and promote feminist education and all feminists involved in that effort, at every educational level and in every educational setting. In this issue, NWSA announces the opening of its national office at the University of Maryland/College Park and my appointment as Coordinator.

Like those whose task it has been to coordinate women's studies programs or projects in their early stages, I am exhilarated and overwhelmed by the prospect of giving form to the ambitious, necessary purpose of the Association. Women's studies has always been "ahead of itself." Our accomplishments—and our expectations—have been incredibly greater than our resources. That creative paradox, along with the real and difficult tensions engendered by it, is part of the NWSA inheritance.



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