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Summer 1973


Women's Studies happened at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in the spring of 1973. It was an event, a process, a pedagogy, politics and academic research. Originating from a confrontation with the twelve man faculty by members of the seminary community consciousness-raising group in the spring of 1972, the seminary Women's Project was funded by the United Church of Christ Committee on Theological Education after a proposal was submitted by Professor Lance Barker. The project was to consist of a consultation on women, a class on women taught by a woman, and support of a woman student intern to coordinate the project. The seminary Self Study Committee submitted that, in addition to studying about women, the institution should examine manifestations of sexism in its own structures. Kristina Pearson, an active feminist in the middler class, was hired as coordinator of the Women's Project; and I, who am completing a doctorate in American Studies at the University of Minnesota with a dissertation on contemporary feminism, was employed as Visiting Instructor.



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