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Summer 1973


A conference/course, "The Hidden Curriculum: Discovering and Overcoming School Sexism," was offered through the University of California Extension Division, San Francisco, in the spring of 1973. The course, two intensive weekends with intervening work weeks, was planned and administered by Wendy Roberts and Miriam Wasserman. Thirty-five resource people ran the workshops, and many of them helped to plan the course. Sixty-five female and male educators, parents, and concerned others attended. The course was given through an established teacher-education institution for a number of reasons: it provided a guaranteed, though small, amount of money for running the course and the facilities and contacts of a university. Most important, a course with credit has the legitimacy in a teacher's mind that a conference lacks, and the university's publicity reached those an independent women's conference could not. The result was an exciting and healthy mixture of female and male, ranging from radical feminists to concerned teachers to people who had never considered sexism a problem or an issue. The issue of feminism became part of a more general concern about creating a nonsexist environment for all children.



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