Florence Howe

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Fall 1979


Toward Women's Studies in the Eighties: Part One

In this and the next issue, we will celebrate accomplishments of the first decade of women's studies and outline new challenges. In the Winter 1980 issue, we will publish the new list of declared women's studies programs, now well over 300. We will also publish an annotated list of more than 21 research institutes for the study of women. We will continue our feature on graduate programs and our reporting on women's centers.

The omissions from these reports indicate the gaps in our knowledge as we approach the eighties. We do not know, for example, about the hundreds of colleges, including Wellesley College, that offer more than a dozen women's studies courses, but that have not declared themselves host to a "program." More importantly, we have no detailed portrait of women's studies courses or programs in elementary and secondary schools. Who will take on that major task in the eighties?



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