Shirley Frank

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Fall 1979


Summer Institutes have become a tradition in women's studies, although, compared to the hundreds ofNDEA Institutes in the '60s, the numbers are still painfully few. This year Summer Institutes were held in Alabama, Arizona, New York, and Pennsylvania. Their goals were all similar: to give participants—primarily, but not only, teachers—an education in the history and literature of women, which were not part of the curriculum when they received their formal training; to acquaint them with new materials and methodologies developed by feminist scholars and educators; and to provide them with a supportive network within which to continue the work of social change. What follows here is a brief description of those Institutes. (If readers know of others that took place during the summer of 1979, or are ready to announce the formation of new ones for 1980, they should write in and let us know.)



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