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Summer 1979


In the month before the First NWSA Convention, the National Women's Studies Association doubled the number of memberships received in the first four months of the 1979 dues year. On the first day of the Convention, 100 more members joined, followed by another SO to 75 in the remaining days of the meeting, when we were not able to staff the membership table full time. Returning to the National Office, we found we had received approximately 5O additional memberships, and numerous requests for membership information.

As of June 1979, this year's NWSA membership was already more than twice the total figure for 1978: around 600 in 1978, more than 1,200 so far in 1979. Many of the new memberships are group members, thus bringing us closer to the goal of involving all women's studies programs, feminist school and community educational groups in the work of the Association. Many of the letters received mentioned the Convention or reports from Kansas as being the deciding factor in the decision to join and support NWSA.



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