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Summer 1979


Dear Ms. Howe:

Your Women's Studies Newsletter's report on feminism in Germany is interesting (Vol VII, No. 1, Winter 1979), but I have some problems with Ms. Zagarell's report. Although one questions in certain quarters what men have to say, one may not question as readily my devotion to research on feminism in Germany.

I have problems especially with the last paragraph's assertions (p. 26). Although some see Emma and Courage as "excellent sources of information on the German women's movement,"they are not so "on German women's lives," or the other points asserted. The journals may indeed be a revolutionary statement, but even at a total circulation rate of 300,000 per month, they would hardly have things to say about, or to, more than a miniscule percentage of the German female population. One should ask some of the other 90 percent of Germany's women how well they feel represented.



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