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Spring 1979


By now, many of you will have already registered for the upcoming NWSA Convention in Lawrence, Kansas. The Convention promises to be a memorable one, including:

-over 100 sessions on research, theory, and practice of women's studies in colleges and universities, secondary schools, and the community across the country and abroad;

-displays and exhibits of feminist wares and publications;

-feminist theater, poets, and musicians (including Bernice Reagan, Meg Christian Audre Lorde, Arna Ata Aidoo, Ivy Bottini, At the Foot of the Mountain, the Woman's Collage Theater, the Women's Experimental Theater, and others);

-an exhibition of women's art and crafts and an exhibition of the work of first woman press photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston;

-a continuous showing of women's films

-a job exchange (For information contact Lori Gold, 8175 Winged Foot Drive, Atlanta, GA 30338; 404-394-4961; job-seekers should send her a one-page laminated résumé.).



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