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Summer 1980


When the idea of building coalitions between women's studies programs and Black or Hispanic studies programs was mentioned to me, my initial reaction was, "Fantastic! Women of all races and cultures have so many things in common, there should be many areas of cooperation for the mutual benefit of both programs—especially in this period when budget cuts and the 'back to basics' attitude are rampant on campuses across the country." Then I began to think seriously about the possibilities of such coalitions. To do so, I had to shift my focus from the hypothetical "what should be" to the concrete "what is." Therefore, I focused on the two programs I know intimately, the Black Studies Program and the Women's Studies Program on my own campus, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). I could think of various possibilities. I could think of a multitude of problems. And I can now name four "realities" which I think help identify both the possibilities and the problems accurately.



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