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Spring 1980


The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded a grant to the Women's Studies Program of Hunter College for the writing of a textbook and instructional manual for the basic course, "Introduction to Women's Studies." Unlike other comprehensive women's studies textbooks which are described as multidisciplinary but are actually collections of individual chapters, each written from the perspective of a single discipline, Hunter's books will be thoroughly interdisciplinary, with each chapter written collectively.

The nine authors, from four divisions of the college—Humanities and the Arts, Social Sciences, and the professional schools of Nursing and Education—are: Ulku Bates, Nancy Dean, Florence Denmark, Dorothy O. Helly, Susan Lees, JoAnn McNamara, Sarah B. Pomeroy (Project Director), E. Dorsey Smith, and Sue R. Zalk. In 1978-79 they participated in an interdisciplinary seminar directed toward designing a curriculum for "Introduction to Women's Studies" and training teachers in interdisciplinary techniques. Supported by faculty development funds available to Jerome Schneewind, Hunter's Provost, and Gerald Freund, Hunter's Dean of Humanities and the Arts, each of the core group of nine was granted two courses' released time.



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