Susan S. Arpad

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Publication Date

Winter 1981


I returned Bowling Green State University's completed questionnaire for the Everywoman's Guide to Colleges and Universities with a note of thanks to Florence Howe, The Feminist Press, and the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE). I hope that the Guide will have a wide distribution and that it will help women students better to evaluate and select colleges. While the publication of this guidebook may have been the main goal of the project's originators, I think the questionnaire itself has the potential of having an even greater direct impact on individual campuses. On my campus in Ohio, the project is providing an opportunity for us to focus attention university-wide on the status of women. For several years, groups of faculty, administrators, and staff have tried repeatedly to initiate an effective long-range project to improve the general educational climate for women on our campus; the Everywoman questionnaire may have provided the initiative for us to become effective change agents.



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