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Fall 1981


Only Your Pen & Page Love You?

(and sometimes your typewriter)

No Longer!

The epigraph above over a sketch of an amazon writer rising from her typewriter has graced the bright orange flyers issued by the Feminist Writers' Guild since 1978 when it first came into being. From a group of women in Berkeley, California, then one in New York City, the national sisterhood of feminist writers has grown to a membership of over 1,000.

The 1981 National Steering Committee met May 8-1O in Milwaukee, site of the third largest chapter, to plan new goals and schedule projects which emphasize education, political action, and services to members. The FWG presently includes sixteen local chapters with memberships ranging from ten to 150, as well as individual at-large members. The National Steering Committee is elected by FWG members through a ballot included in the newsletter and is composed of both chapter and at-large representatives to reflect the needs of the membership as a whole.



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