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Fall 1981


The following guidelines, prepared by the Committee on Women Historians of the American Historical Association in consultation with the Professional Division, and endorsed by the Council, were distributed to all history departments in the United States, and to presidents and chancellors of all institutions that have history departments. Designed to provide useful information by which history departments may measure their progress in providing equity for women historians, the guidelines, first of their kind, should be of great interest not only to historians, but to those in other academic disciplines and other professional associations, and to women who are employed or hope to be employed by American colleges and universities in a teaching capacity.

The Committee on Women Historians is chaired by Prof Ka1hryn Kish Sklar, Department of History, U.C.L.A. For more information, write to the Commi11ee on Women Historians, American Historical Association, 400 A Street, S.E., Washington, DC 20003.



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