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Summer 1981


Humboldt State University shares the delight of its Women's Studies Program that the National Women's Studies Association is bringing its 1982 Convention to our campus. University staff and faculty are working together on arrangements that will encourage women's studies practitioners from all over the country to come to Humboldt.

HSU's excellent interdisciplinary Women's Studies Program, founded in 1970, is sponsored by several departments, including English, Economics, Ethnic Studies, History, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech Communication, and Art. Approximately 20 faculty members offer some 30 courses. The Program contributes to General Education at Humboldt through courses in Women and the Artistic Response, Historical Views of Women, Women in Language and Literature, Women in Social Institutions, and Psychological Views of Women. It offers a minor in Women's Studies, and students can major in Women's Studies through the Special Major Program.



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