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Spring 1981


Dear Editors:

The article in the Summer 1980 Women's Studies Newsletter (vol. 8, no. 3), "Building Coalitions between Women's Studies and Black Studies: What Are the Realities?," by Ann Cathey Carver, is to my mind excellent. The understanding by this professor of the very real social realities that make for problems between Women's Studies and Black Studies—and between Black and white women—reflects a tremendous sensitivity which has obviously grown out of extended acquaintance with the Black experience. As a Black woman, concerned with both racism and sexism in the society, I think such perceptive analysis is invaluable. I hope that this piece will be read and understood by many, many others. On such a basis, it is possible to develop strong coalitions, stronger interrelationships and trust, and more intimate one-to-one relationships between faculty and students of both programs and between Black and white women.



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