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Fall 1974


Dear Friends, Although she warned severely against "condescension," the writer of the article "reporting" on feminism at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho (Women's Studies Newsletter, Summer 1974) struck me as having enough of that quality and a good deal to spare, when it comes to the state of things there. Just a little swat such as "U.S. 95, the only federally numbered goat trail in the country" struck a pretty sour note, and of course she is not even accurate (unless "county" was intended instead of "country") and certainly conveys no image of the situation in Idaho, where there are many magnificent roads . . . .

I am not surprised that "zap actions, guerilla theatre, and protest demonstrations" would not get feminism's new wave very far there—they wouldn't on the street where I live, in the already urbanized, radicalized, feminized (!?) East.



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