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The presenter will discuss power relations, culture, and human behavior in organizational settings based on previous research results on culture and leadership and provide information on new research being conducted on National Culture and Leadership practices. Previous research was based on Hofstede’s five cross - cultural dimension / framework. This new research will look at PDI – Power Distance Index and how it affects the relationship of subordinates to their leaders in new cross-cultural environments. The presenter will present information from a recent pilot study on Power Distance Index and the extent to which a person’s national culture influences (or not) leadership practices in a migrant’s new environment. Part of the results in this presentation that were the basis of the second phase of the current research on PDI index were based on a previous research on the role of culture on leadership. A similar presentation was made at another conference discussing the preliminary pilot results of the study.


This work was originally presented at the New York State Political Science Association Conference (NYSPSA).



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