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Immigrants migrate to the United States for various reasons - legally and illegally. Some for purposes such as education, economic opportunities, political asylum, while others simply choose to migrate for a change of environment. Franzee (2018) discussed some myths and facts about immigrants and the overall impact of their contributions to the United States economy. Historically, the United States experienced major waves of immigration patterns from Africa and its diaspora. The contributions of Africa and its diaspora to the United States economy are often overlooked largely in part by Africans and the African diaspora itself. This research examines the current immigration patterns and policies under the “Trump Administration” and contributions of immigrants to the United States Economy. Some factors that may be affecting the assimilation of new immigrants such as language proficiency, national culture, assimilation into a new dominant group especially in recent light of crimes across many communities which are often based on historical biases in opinions about specific groups of racial and ethnic minorities will also be explored.


This work was originally presented during the New York African Studies Association (NYASA) Conference held at York College, CUNY.



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