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A research study was conducted at an undergraduate college, comparing student experiences and successes in a mathematics course offered fully online, blended and face-to-face. In online courses, students enjoy the flexibility of learning at their own pace, not having to travel to school, as well as having consistent access to courses through a web browser. However, such conveniences do not automatically produce positive results. Some students lack the discipline, enthusiasm and sometimes feel socially isolated from their peers when learning online. Despite these challenges, online courses continue to be developed in response to the demand for online learning opportunities. However, there is a need to determine the impact of these opportunities on student learning. The majority of the participants in this study were satisfied with their learning experience. Furthermore, the results analysis did not find enough evidence to confirm that there were any significant differences in the achievement, as measured by students’ final grades and exam scores based on whether the course was taught online, as a blended course, or face-to-face format. The researchers, therefore, concluded that students can attain the same level of academic achievement through online, blended, or face-to-face courses (measuring the final exam and course final grades).


This work was originally published in the International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, available at DOI:10.18404/ijemst.552411

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License



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