Student Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award

Spring 5-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

B.A. with honors

Honors Designation


Program of Study

Political Science



First Advisor

Stephanie Golob


Little is known of the Jews of Middle Eastern North African (MENA) origin whose long standing history in the region did not protect them from discrimination, persecution, and ethnic cleansing. Although much of the research on contemporary Jewish history and persecution revolves around the Holocaust and European events and its implications for Jews and international law, far less is researched about the uprooting of nearly one million Jews from the MENA region. In this investigation, I aim to reconstruct that narrative, applying international law to Jewish refugees from Arab countries. My thesis will be a comparative analysis of Morocco and Iraq. These two MENA countries differ in many aspects, including their geographic location, their history of European colonization, their relationship with Israel, the type and degree of discrimination Jews of their nation faced, the impact of the Holocaust, and their current Jewish population. The factors of comparison between the two countries will allow my study to cover the variation throughout the region while doing an in depth analysis of both countries and their relevant laws and events that affected the Jews in those nations. Using the toolbox of Transitional Justice, I will focus on how international human rights law can be utilized to gain justice for Jewish refugees from Morocco and Iraq. My research will establish a legal basis for redress for Jewish refugees of these two nations, comparing how the differences in their histories and legal frameworks translate into the available remedies for victims. Ultimately, these findings will be an integral part of the puzzle of Jewish history in the Middle East which may illuminate the way for a more just and inclusive future for the region.


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