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The BIBFRAME Task Force was established by the MLA Board of Directors in October 2014 for a two­-year period with the following charge:

● Provide a voice for the music library community in the formation and testing of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME)
● Test the BIBFRAME schema and the LC MARC­to­BIBFRAME converter with regards to how they handle music materials, including scores and sound recordings
● Provide feedback to LC and Zepheira on particular areas of interest for music, such as medium of performance, genre, preferred titles and name­title authorities
● Identify a means for continually monitoring, evaluating and testing BIBFRAME implementations ● Make recommendations regarding how MLA can best communicate BIBFRAME development to the MLA community and voice responses to BIBFRAME development
● Test BIBFRAME implementations for particular areas of music resources
● Monitor training opportunities in which music librarians could participate and share information about such opportunities

This report represents the collective experience of the task force produced after 15 months of inquiry, experimentation and discussion. Information in this report is current as of December 15, 2015. General findings and recommendations are followed by findings and recommendations on specific topics.



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