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From the time of the Indiana Jones movies, archaeology as a profession has had a mythical aura, but we recently had the chance to interview an excellent archaeologist who puts a human face on the profession. Her name is Anna Lucille Boozer, and she was raised in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has a bachelor’s in arts, in philosophy, and in the history of math and science from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, as well as two masters’ degrees in anthropology and a doctorate in that subject from Columbia University. Today she is an associate professor of history in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College/CUNY.

Boozer works on a topic that may seem disjunctive in geographical terms: the Roman period in Egypt. “It relates to my deep interest in philosophy and anthropology,” she says. “I wanted to ask a lot of questions that are really pertinent today, questions about racism, sexuality, people’s identities, childhood, things like that. It’s very dif cult to answer questions like these about the distant past, when you don’t have a lot of evidence at your ngertips.”


This work was originally published in College Talk.

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