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In the last few months, the media have been inundated with news about sexual harassment of women. The cases with the most notoriety have been those of celebrities or associated with the entertaining industry, but they have not been the only ones. This attention to the issue has generated what is called the “Me Too Movement” (or “MeToo”). With sexual harassment and assault occurring in every segment of society, it is important to ask how this issue is seen on college campuses, which have been accused of too much “political correctness” in the past.

A new study published last week by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine paints a bleak picture of this problem on college and university campuses. Titled “Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,” the study shows how widespread the problem is, pointing out the causes but also providing a number of recommendations on how to deal with this issue.


This work was originally published in The Edwardsville Intelligencer.



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