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This pamphlet contains a translation from Ge'ez (Ethiopic) to Latin of a homily on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. St. Proclus of Constantinople, when he was Bishop of Cyzicus, originally wrote and preached this homily on a feast day in AD 429 honoring the Blessed Virgin as "Theotokos", or "God-bearer". Accompanying the translation is a scholarly, multi-lingual treatise by the translator F.M. Esteves Pereira. This paper was presented at the Fourteenth (XIV) Congrès International des Orientalistes, which met in 1905 in the city of Algiers, then a French colonial capital.

The pamphlet contains a title page, an ownership plate, a six-page article, seven pages of St. Proclus' homily in Ethiopic, followed by seven pages of Pereira's Latin translation.