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Spring 5-15-2019


User-friendly Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the common thread of this collection of presentations, and activities with full lesson plans. The first section of the site contains an overview of cartography, the art of creating maps, and then looks at historical mapping platforms like Hypercities and Donald Rumsey Historical Mapping Project. In the next section Google Earth Desktop Pro is introduced, with lessons and activities on the basics of GE such as pins, paths, and kml files, as well as a more complex activity on "georeferencing" an historic map over Google Earth imagery. The final section deals with ARCGIS Online and StoryMaps with tutorials, basic exercises on pins, paths, and CSV import, and a lesson plan for creating a research project presentation on an historic building in StoryMaps. In addition to an xml file that has been uploaded here to Academic Works, the module is also a live website at The site was created with Libguides software, and is a Community Libguide that can be reused and imported into other LibGuides sites. The website also contains links to two live StoryMaps, one on an Introduction to ARCGIS StoryMaps (, and the second, a model assignment on the history of the Fairway building in Red Hook, Brooklyn (

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