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An important goal of the open access movement in scholarly publishing has been to broaden access to research globally. Electronic delivery and removing paywalls has allowed published, open access research to flow more readily across borders. Furthermore, although subscription publishing platforms continue to be maintained as they have been historically in the Global North (GN), new publishers, often located in the Global South (GS), have seen an opportunity to offer platforms of their own that publish in an open access environment. Journals situated in the GS, nonetheless, have often been suspected as being predatory, in part, because of their unfamiliar origins. The authors ask a number of questions including: •Would a GN situated scholar consider publication in a GS situated journal •Would an examination of the institutional affiliations of the contributors to GS and GN situated journals reveal any imbalances in participation? This research shows limited evidence of the avoidance of GS titles by GN authors, but further research could determine more conclusively if there is a significant reluctance among GN authors to publish in GS journals. Reluctance to cross economic, geographic and psycho-socially constructed boundaries may stand in the way of open access scholarship becoming truly accessible to all.



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