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Summer 2016


Estimates of over 20 billion of tax revenue are lost to our economy because of corporate inversions. Therefore, lawmakers are actively exploring ways to stop the hemorrhaging of corporate tax-revenues, tighten restrictions on corporate inversions, and to find ways to collect on defer tax revenues. From a business prospective, corporate inversions are nothing less than prudent, innovative, business strategies to enhance corporate profits. However, it’s undoubtedly having a significant impact on U.S. tax revenues and ultimately reducing domestic investments. Ireland is now the most popular new home to many U.S. Corporations, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. The advantageous tax incentives offered by Ireland is a “no-brainer,” when compared to the heavy taxes levied upon domestic business. Since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, there has been no major tax reform to the United States Tax System. Despite the various proposals and recommendations made to address this growing economic issue, all concern parties are in consensus that the United States Tax System needs reform.


This article was originally published in the Journal of Applied Business Research.

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