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In the following, noted science fiction scholar Marleen S. Barr argues for an increased attention to science fiction as a literature of the potentials of globalization, a genre that has largely been marginalized in discussions of the future of a globalized techno-culture. Further, Barr argues for greater attention being paid to feminist utopian fiction which helps to reimagine women's roles in the increasingly complex, and increasingly capitalistic, globalized techno-culture that has continued to marginalize the female body (and consciousness) in much the same way that scholars have denied the possibilities of utopian science fiction.


Original publication: Barr, Marleen S. "The Invisible Can Or, Gendering Corporate Globalization Trouble: Technological Utopianism and the Language of Erasure." Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. Vol. 1 No. 1, Fall 2001.



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