Publications and Research

A Correlation Study of Blackboard Microengagement, Formative Assessment, and College Writing Achievement

John R. Ziegler, CUNY Bronx Community College
Edward Lehner, CUNY Bronx Community College


Set in a freshman composition course using Blackboard for all assessments, this study investigated whether there is a relationship among formative assessment variables related to the development of college writing skills. The study’s population was linguistically diverse students enrolled in a community college in a large northeastern city. The research design employed a multivariate data analytic framework to examine associations and predictive relationships among final class average, total user activity, total user activity in hours, and final quiz average as measures of formative assessment and college writing achievement. Results of Pearson correlation analysis indicated six significant associations among microengagement, formative assessment, and college writing achievement. One significant regression model resulted where microengagement, time on task, and formative assessment predicted 57% of college writing achievement.