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Critical reading is the apex of tertiary education and the chief focus in higher education courses as they prepare adults for the workforce. Without significant improvements in academic preparation and support, many linguistically diverse [LD] students will have higher dropout rates in their first year of college. Developmental reading instruction practices are designed to emphasize moving the first-year LD students from sub-par reading levels towards the application and development of critical reading skills, as demanded by their college courses. Many community colleges across the United States, prepare assessments tests in reading and mathematics for most, if not all, newly admitted students. These tests are used as placement guides, especially when the newly admitted applicant’s high school transcript or SAT scores do not demonstrate that the student possesses the critical reading or mathematical ability needed to pass the 70 percentage threshold, an indication of being college ready. This paper argues that teaching critical reading requires embracing students’ cultural capital and implementing scaffolds that will support the Adult Linguistic Diverse learner/students (ALDl/s). Results from this study indicate that both intrinsic values and instructor’s disposition influences the ALD learner attitudes related to developed critical reading performance. These findings indicate that using multiple instructional mediums [MiMs] had a positive impact on students’ critical reading skills and contributed to the ALD learners’ comprehension, motivation, and critical reading skills.


This article was originally published in Social Science and Humanities Journal.



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