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Winter 1-22-2020


Dr. Lorgia García Peña is associate professor of Latinx Studies at Harvard University and the author of The Borders of Dominicanidad: Race, Nations and Archives of Contradictions (Duke, Fall 2016). Lorgia García Peña’s book delves deep into Dominican society and history by dissecting foundational myths and state-sponsored propaganda. Lorgia García Peña also looks at Dominican alternative cultural production and the socio-political resistance found in performance art and Afro-Dominican popular religions. In the most recent roundtable installment from the Ethnic Studies Rise initiative that celebrates the work and legacy of García Peña's scholarship, translator and scholar Kaiama Glover argued that [Lorgia García Peña] “works at the borders of race and geography, and dares to look hard at the microaggressions—often learned on the lap or at the feet of colonial powers—that fracture relations among those who should be kin.” García Peña has multiple projects in the works including two books and a transnational digital archive project. Lorgia García Peña is also one of the founders of the Freedom University. ESENDOM interviewed Lorgia García Peña to discuss the genesis of her book, the relevancy of Ethnic Studies as well as the challenges ahead for Latinx and Dominican studies.


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