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Report thirteen from the first bound volume of ten which documents in part the first nineteen years of The Free Academy, the predecessor of the educational institution, City College of New York. THE FOUNDING OF THE FREE ACADEMY. REPORTS AND ADDRESSES 1847-50 includes 14 individual reports. At a time when municipal education constituted primary schooling, citizens united in response to arguments presented by a merchant and Board of Education President, Townsend Harris, for the necessity of an institution that would provide advanced training for future generations of citizens to fully engage in the professions advantageous to an expanding urban center. Includes preliminary reports that commented on the application of resources for the creation of the institution and the annual reports of the faculty, demonstrating accountability to the Board of Education with regard to the operation of the facility., BOARD OF EDUCATION. JULY 17, 1850. [Report of the Executive Committee for the Care, Management, and Government of the Free Academy to the Board of Education on the names and grades of different officers connected with the Free Academy; the duties and compensation of each; the number of hours each is engaged in instruction; the number of pupils instructed by each; the number of hours which the pupils are employed in study; the number and length of intermissions in each daily session; the nature of the discipline, and the character and amount of punishment; the whole number of pupils; the average daily tardiness and absence; the number of pupils in each department; the time occupied in examinations, and the number and length of vacations.] [15 pages (1-15), 1850)], RGB


Materials Relating to Governing Board of the Free Academy and the College of the City of New York Collection Prior to Establishment of the Board of Higher Education Collection of Division of Archives and Special Collections, Morris R. Cohen Library, City College of New York (CUNY): Annual Reports of the Faculty of the Free Academy, 1854-1865; Board of Education Annual Reports on the Free Academy, 1851-1865.



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