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TELEMAC is a component of the open-source integrated suite of solvers TELEMAC-MASCARET for use in the field of free-surface flow that solves the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations. Generally speaking, uncertainties in the model formulation itself due to simplified physics and also in the input fields to the model such as the boundary conditions, initial conditions and hydraulic parameters translate into errors in the simulated hydraulic variables. In spite of significant advances in numerical schemes, description of geographical data (topography, bathymetry) and environmental conditions (hydrologycal and meteorological fields), the representation of the true state of a system as well as its forecasted state remains imperfect and some of these limits can be overcome combining observations with simulation via data assimilation techniques. This paper presents the implementation of a 3D-Var FGAT variational data assimilation algorithm as a proof of concept for improving TELEMAC simulations and forecast. The demonstration is made on the Berre lagoon application with TELEMAC-3D: the salinity state is sequentially corrected assimilating in-situ salinity measurements.


Session EDF, Introduction to the TELEMAC-MASCARET Modeling System



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