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Recently, high-efficient, next-generation infrastructure system using information communication technology is increasingly required to overcome limitation of water resource management, and Smart Water Grid is being developed to resolve imbalance by effectively allocating, managing and carrying water resources. Therefore, the article aims to enhance efficiency of management through physical, logical consumer channel clustering and reliability on metering reading data, and achieve expandability of wireless metering reading network through channel use that can be identified between proximate clusters, by suggesting channel set-up based on multichannel cluster mixed with network channel and group channel to resolve the problems stated above and implement various services. Further, this paper aims to reduce installment time and maintenance repair cost through hierarchical network structure composed with four differentiated devices in wireless AMR systems, and suggest wireless AMR network based on multichannel cluster substantializing various services by supporting various operation modes through quick error recovery and back up functions.


Session R53, Water Distribution Networks: Operations and Sensor Placement



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