James E. Ball

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Design flood estimation remains a problem for many professionals involved in the management of rural and urban catchments. Advice is required regarding design flood characteristics for many design problems including the design of culverts and bridges necessary for cross drainage of transport routes, the design of urban drainage systems, the design of flood mitigation levees and other flood mitigation structures, design of dam spillways, and many environmental flow problems. When a risk based approach is adopted as the design paradigm, there is a need to predict both the magnitude of the hazard and the exceedance probability of the hazard. In this context, prediction of design flood characteristics becomes a problem in hydroinformatics and particularly in the assessment of patterns in the available data. Presented herein will be a discussion of data and hydroinformatics, and the relationship of both data and hydroinformatics to the design flood problem.


Session S2-02, Special Session: Hydroinformatics Tools for Flood Resiliency in Urban Areas II



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