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Investigations of natural resources processes realted to the water cycle are best studied using a commensurate landscape unit for the spatial extent of the process. Consequently, the capability to efficiently delineate the watershed extent along with the main hydrological characteristics and behavior of the river network and its drainage area is essential. The watershed search engine discussed in the present paper is designed to identify various observations acquired in the upstream drainage area of the watershed from a point specified by the user. The point can be selected on or outside the stream network using a web mapping interface. The discovered variables and attributes are those stored in the geodatabase associated with the application (e.g., stream flow gages, water quality observations points, weather stations, etc). The base map for the search engine is the National Hydrography Dataset Plus V2.0 (NHD Plus) and Geometric Network analysis are applied to develop the model on the GIS platform. In the application, the user input is defined as the point of interest for the search. Subsequently, the drainage area upstream from the point of interest is identified and visualized using mapping functions available in the NHD Plus library. Ancillary information provided by the NHD database and other relevant attributes of the data for the discovered point of observations are also provided. Given that the variety of activities in the drainage area upstream from the specified point of interests have direct impacts at the location of interest the engine would enhance the information available for efficiently documenting various aspects of water quantity and quality. The application holds promise to benefit users pertaining to watershed management communities and watershed resources researchers.


Session R08, Web-based Systems for Sharing of Data and Models



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