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ABSTRACT Our country, Korea, lacks the per capita water endowment because of the high population density and geographical characteristics. Therefore, The 4 Rivers Project has been promoted since 2009. In order to control effectively drought or floods caused by abnormal climate and strong rainfall in summer, it was done and completed in 2013. The Nakdong River is the longest in the 4 Rivers Project, which it was conducted among the country's major rivers, and a lot of hydraulic structures were installed. we selected Nakdong and Weagwan stations which are located in the Nakdong River. Because the change was smaller there with the inflow of tributaries flow than elsewhere. And many hydraulic structures were installed between Nakdong and Weagwan stations, which used T/M machine to collect real-time data. In this study, we compared and analyzed the flow change of real-time and water level data of prior to weir installation on May, June, July, 2009 and completion of weir installation on May, June, July , 2013. The original purpose of installing the weir is well-kept. After installation of Hydraulic structures(weir), the discharge difference between the Nakdong Station and Weagwan Station was reduced , and both of Nakdong and Weagwan stations are almost maintain a constant value of water level without being affected by rainfall. Also, we could confirm that the maximum water-level variation is decreased after installation of the weir. Based on this, we judged that hydrological effects on drought or floods due to abnormal weather were decreased by the time of weir installation. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This research was supported by a grant(12-TI-C01) from Advanced Water Management Research Program funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korean government


Session R29, Hydrologic Modeling: Processes and River Flows



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