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The Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) operates under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization as an international data centre for hydrological data and information on a global scale. Its primary objective is to support the water and climate related programmes and projects of the United Nations, its specialised agencies, and the scientific research community on global and climate change and integrated water resources management. The Global Runoff Database maintained by the GRDC is a valuable data resource and a subset of its data is contributed to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems’ (GEOSS) freely accessible Data Core. As a partner in the project GEOSS Interoperability for Weather, Ocean and Water (GEOWOW) the GRDC supports the evolving GEOSS in terms of interoperability, standardization and functionality. In the framework of GEOWOW a profile of the OGC Sensor Observation Service Interface Standard 2.0 (SOS) is being developed. This SOS Profile for the Hydrology Domain specifies extensions to the service interface and uses the OGC WaterML 2.0 standard for encoding hydrological time series data. Moreover, technical partners of the GEOWOW project facilitate software implementations of the standardization advancements. Deploying and incorporating these into GRDC’s data holding infrastructure allows for a seamless integration of GRDC’s data provision capabilities into GEOSS. Furthermore, client web applications to visualize time series data provided via an OGC Web Service infrastructure makes it possible to offer additional benefit and allows for accessing and assessing data more easily.


Session S9-01, Special Session: Information Exchange – Standard Data Protocols within the Global Earth System of Systems



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