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Urban real time flood’s Early Warning Systems have been traditionally based on the use of punctual precipitation observations (raingauges) to model the sewer network’s behaviour by means of hydraulic models. Since a key issue in the EWS is the leadtime in detecting potential risks, Hidromet takes advantage of radar nowcasting techniques to feed a hydraulic model, not only with observed precipitation by raingauges, but also with forecasted precipitation for the following few hours. Radar nowcasting techniques allow forecasting the precipitation with a high degree of accuracy. This fact, together with the rapid update of the forecasts (typically around 10 minutes), makes radars a good tool for urban real time hydraulics allowing for more accurate results and to increase the leadtime in which potential risks are detected. In Hidromet, the hydraulic model is encapsulated in the cloud, and run with updated data (observations and forecasts) every time those are available. The network’s operators are able to configure the critical points in the sewer network to be monitored, and define individually the warning thresholds. Sensors data have also been integrated seamless in the system. The access to the platform is web-based and protected under different levels of passwords. Therefore it is fully accessible from any connected device and not limited to those ones receiving the sensors data. The web also allows configuring the actions to be triggered when the different warning levels are reached (SMSs, emails, etc.) under profiles of users. Up to now, the platform has been validated in four cities of Spain and is under implementation in Chile.


Session R59, Real-time Control of Flood Events



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