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Nowadays, the increasing demand of water resources has become one of the most relevant issues when water supply must be guaranteed as in the case of irrigation comunities. It becomes difficult to provide the predictive optimal behavior of regulation structures when the regime of the flow is changing in time and, moreover, when this regulation modifies the hydraulic conditions of the structure. One of the most widely used solution for control is PID. The disadvantages of PID control are the difficulties in the presence of non-linearities as well as the PID parameters tuning. Taking into account previous works about sluice gate formulation and its hydraulics, an equivalent formulation is going to be applied to obtain the control signal for the gate. This will make possible to build a system that allows the optimal control of the gate in order to obtain, for instance, a desired volume of water in the least time possible with the minimum water loss. In this work, a reformulation of the problem is analyzed and then, an equivalent the control is applied to sluice gate flow to obtain a simulation based control system and a near real-time solution is explored using adjoint variable formulation.


Session R63, Parameter Estimation: Simulation Optimization



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