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Most rivers in Taiwan are suffered from serious sedimentation problems due to extreme weather in recent years. In order to decrease sediment trap in Shihmen Reservoir, the reservoir sediment was effluent into downstream river during flood period. The river sediment deposition and erosion would be thus more violent. The quasi-two dimensional model, NETSTARS, was applied to investigate hydraulic characteristics and corresponding river sedimentation behavior in Da-Han basin. The model was calibrated and verified with field survey data and then was utilized to predict the spatial and temporal variations of downstream suspended solid concentration. Through investigating the change of suspended solid concentration at Yuan-Shan Dam- which is one of the most important water supply facility in Taipei metropolitan area- the success of lowing the suspended solid concentration was certain. The water level and bed elevation movement in typhoon events were investigated via the numerical model at different river reaches. The joint operation of Shihmen sluice gate and Yuan-Shan weir was also discussed for Long-term effects due to climate change.


Session R13, Sediment Transport Modeling



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