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Top-view data obtainedfrom LiDAR systemshas long been used as topographic-input data for urban flood modelling applications. This high-resolution input data has considerable potential to improve urban flood modelling predictions with more detail. However, the difficulty of employing top-view data is that it may create some missing urban features because this type ofdata cannot represent anyurban features,which are hiddenunderneath other objects. These hidden featuresmay play a substantial part in diverting floodwater flowing through,especially in complex urban areas. The recent advances in Photogrammetry and Computer Vision techniques offer an opportunity to create high-resolution topographic data. By using a consumer digital camera,2Ddigital photoscan betaken from different viewpoints. The so-called Structure from Motion (SfM) techniquecan usethese overlappingphotos and reconstruct theminto3D point-cloud data with a high level of accuracy and resolution,usinga cost effective approach. In this work, we create street-view SfM point-cloud data obtained from street viewpoints. We also introduce a new multi-view approach by merging top-view LiDAR data withstreet-view SfM data. This new multi-view data can be used as topographic input data for a coupled 1D-2D model. When applyingsuch newdata, the flood simulation results can highlight some flood propagations much better than using the traditional top-view LiDAR data. Therefore, it has the potential toenhance the multi-view approach into practicable flood-modelling applications for the present and future urbanizing areas.


Session S10-01, Special Session: Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Data and Methods for Flood Resilience in Urban Areas



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