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River information management systems in South Korea have been improved in order to proactively respond to the change in the information environment. Recently, Smart River-based river information services and related data have become so large as to be overwhelming, requiring necessary improvements in managing Big Data. Nowadays, data is gathered from diverse sources including terrestrial measurements, sensor networks and satellites. In this study, a plan was suggested to respond to changes in the information environment and to provide a future Cloud Computing based river information service by understanding and improving the current state of river information management systems. GeoServer is a platform that abstracts a relational database and provides data services for developed web services using OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards. A geospatially standard data model is developed to create a generic standard for sharing river information data. In this paper we present a logical database design for the Geo Data Model (GDM) that advances the information science knowledge base of water resources research. Cloud Computing is the latest buzz word in ICT (Information Communication Technology). In order to share and collaborate GIS data and the computation results among geographically dispersed users, a scalable and computation platform, such as Cloud Computing. In addition, this study was undertaken to expand the current supplier-oriented operating system to a demand-oriented operating system by establishing both the efficient management of river-related information and a utilization system capable of adapting to the changes of a river management paradigm.


Session R08, Web-based Systems for Sharing of Data and Models



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