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Flooding is a serious natural disaster in Turkey similar to rest of the world causing significant economical damage and loss of lives every year. Unlike many other natural hazards floods can be predicted ahead of time. Developing real-time flood event prediction models and early warning systems helps minimizing the economical damage and risk of loss of lives. Also hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of the probable floods and developing flood hazard maps allows to proper planning of flood prevention and protection measures. Both the real-time flood event prediction models and hydrologic-hydraulic modeling of flood involve huge amount of data from several disciplines. Turning the atmospheric, meteorological, topographical, hydrological and hydraulic data into information about flood at different complexity levels for researchers, decision makers, operators, and public requires comprehensive modeling and information management systems. This study attempts developing a base platform (TABİS) for such a flood modeling and information system for Turkey. TABİS is a web-based platform that allows real-time acquisition, storage, management, and displaying the entire flood related static and time series data. The static data in TABİS involve water body layer, hydrologic basin boundary layer, flood protection structures layer, historic flood event locations and facts. The time series data involve radar rainfall and flow measurement data. There are other background layers such as administrative boundaries, roads, aerial images, land use / land cover maps etc. TABİS also stores and displays pre-developed flood maps for the available flood study areas. TABİS is aimed to be the platform for researchers, engineers, decision makers, and public to produce, store, model, and share all the flood related data and information in Turkey. This study is funded by TÜBİTAK (Project No: 111Y281). The findings and statements in this paper do not reflect the opinion of or endorsement by TÜBİTAK.


Session S2-02, Special Session: Hydroinformatics Tools for Flood Resiliency in Urban Areas II



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