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Micro water grid (MWG) is a novel approach to allow high reliability, diversification of water sources, low energy consumption, and cost reduction. Although it is not well-defined, it has potential for efficient management of urban water. MWG is suitable for use in small-scale buildings and towns, which have various uses of water produced from multiple source waters. Accordingly, design of MWG is challenging without proper tools to predict its performance. This research focused on the development and application of a model for optimized use of water from multiple sources in MWG systems. The model was comprised of two modules including strategy identification and mass balance calculator. The former assists in identifying strategy under the given natural and infrastructural conditions. The latter helps to determine water demand/supply and dimension of the water treatment system. Water from various sources including tap water, ground water, rainwater, reclaimed water, and desalinated water was considered in the model. The model and its graphic user interface (GUI) were built under the Matlab environment. Results show that the simulation model was found to be effective to optimize the performance of MWG. Based on the sensitivity analysis of the model, factors affecting the effectiveness of MWG could be identified. Moreover, this model was applied to design a pilot-scale MWG system in a building, predict its water quantity and water quality, and estimate the specific energy consumption. ACKNOWLEDGEMNET This research was supported by a grant (12-TI-C01) from Advanced Water Management Research Program funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korean government.


Session R69, Water Distribution Networks: Treatment and Resource Allocations



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