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The Citarum River Basin (CRB) is located in the West Java Province of Indonesia and covers 13,000 km2 lying immediately to the east of Jabodetabek conurbation. The CRB, as an important national strategic river basin, is the heart of the rapid and sustainable economic growth of the nation toward ‘Green Everlasting Indonesia’. However, rapid increase in population and industrialization in the Bandung Metropolitan and surrounding upstream area of the CRB has been accelerating serious water scarcity, river pollution, and flood damage. In order to solve these complex and complicated water management issues in the rapidly developing mega city, intensive and integrated efforts for reshaping urban and basin water management model are urgently required. As part of these efforts, a cooperative project between Indonesia and Korea has recently initiated to develop new dam(s) and integrated water infrastructure management system in the upper CRB. This paper introduces the main concept and approach of this combined structural (new dams) and non-structural (integrated dams operating system of existing and new dams) measures and on-going development practice. The project will contribute not only for securing necessary water and hydro energy for the people in Bandung mega city but also for adapting and mitigating the increasing risk from climate change in the region.


Session R62, Integrated Watershed Management



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